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service manual for HP Smart_Battery_Data_Specification

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I agree with the previous reweivs regarding the picture quality: great right out of the box. And I use it with coax cable (antenna), not HDMI. Sound is decent. I haven't had it for long to comment on other features, but I think it is a great TV set for a small room. And very light indeed! I also tried the 32-inch Panasonic Viera, and the Sony has a much better image quality (to my liking, at least). It is definitely brighter, more vivid, and with more accurate color reproduction in its standard settings (the Viera has darker and duller image out of the box). The Sony also auto-detected many more analog and digital channels over the air. HD is great, I can't really tell the difference between 720p and 1080p in 32 inches, viewing angle is not as wide as the Viera, but doesn't disappoint. Finally, I connected my Lenovo media center PC via HDMI and the screen was recognized immediately, the resolution was set correctly, everything worked right out of box. Painless! (Of course the PC may have more to do with it than the TV, but anyway). And by the way, it works perfectly fine as a PC screen. Color is accurate, text is crisp, etc. I did not adjust anything Of course, from 10 feet away, text is too small to read due to the size of the screen being 32in, but from 3 feet away or so, everything looks sweet! To avoid any misunderstandings, the TV has the following connections: coaxial cable/antenna, 2 HDMI in, RGB and stereo mini (3.5mm) jack, composite and component video in, USB, optical audio out (S/PDIF), and an analog audio out. The latter can be used to hook it up to your stereo system or A/V receiver or alike via analog connection. I am not sure if it can be used with just your headphones, but if that is also true, that would be another big winner for this Sony. Overall, I am extremely satisfied with it.Update: The analog audio out can be used to hook up your headphones And I tried it with the simplest headphones I had on hand (I am talking about my 3.5mm jack MP3 earplugs, without any type of amp!). Worked like a charm. On the default setting, you get sound from both the TV speakers and the analog audio out. Through the Menu/Sound you can select only the analog, so you can listen to it as loud as you want without disturbing anybody! An amazing feature for a TV at this price!
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