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Car Audio Bin service manual for Grundig Opel SC303B -9346

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at 11:56A hardlock is a lot esiear to do with a custom USB device (or a custom USB HID device, I have no experience on those), but of course that would require drivers. Use my USB tutorial if you want to go that way.However, a simple copy protection using a HID keyboard like this device is easily circumvented just start the program, change focus to Notepad and the device spills out the password. Then one can just copy-paste the password without the device.You would need some type of challenge-response authentication using a shared secret, and either use a USB custom device or implement some type of caps lock / scroll lock signalling system as I described before. Both are out of scope for me to answer, but I\'ll take under consideration that I might write a post about it in the future.
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